Inspiring discoveries and encounters at Salone del Mobile 2024 in Milan

Monday 22 April

Our team of designers has just returned from the famous“Salone del Mobile” in Milan, and we’d like to share the highlights of our experience with you! As a global enterprise agency specializing in interior design, this annual visit is an essential opportunity to discover the latest trends and innovations in the world of design.

Discovering 2024 Novelties and Trends

Once again this year, the Salone del Mobile impressed us with the diversity and creativity of its exhibitors. We were able to admire a multitude of unique pieces and innovative concepts, from furniture and lighting to decorative accessories and architectural concepts.

Among the trends that particularly caught our eye, we observed a strong comeback for natural, sustainable materials such as wood, rattan and terrazzo. Organic shapes and clean lines were also very much in evidence, adding a touch of modernity.

Shades of green and pink have also made a strong entry into 2024 trends, bringing freshness and softness to spaces. Bouclette fabrics also feature prominently, adding a warm, comfortable texture to seating and decorative elements.

Another striking trend was the ubiquitous greening of the show, bringing a more sustainable approach. Plants were inventively integrated into interior and exterior spaces, creating healthier and more inspiring environments for occupants.

Meetings with our Partners and Creation of New Partnerships

Beyond the innovative and inspiring discoveries, the Salone del Mobile offered us the opportunity to meet some of our long-standing partners in person. These exchanges were an opportunity to strengthen our ties and present our new products and prototypes, in a friendly, shared atmosphere.

We also had the pleasure of getting to know a number of new players, with whom we shared our common values and visions of interior design. These promising encounters pave the way for exciting collaborative projects, where creativity and expertise will combine to offer innovative solutions to our customers.

Towards new layouts: integrating outdoor furniture to enhance well-being at work

Integrating outdoor spaces into your business has become a crucial aspect, especially with the emergence of new ways of working focused on flexibility and
well-being of your employees.
Optimizing these outdoor spaces to make them places of well-being and productivity at work is a strategic approach that can greatly benefit your company.

These outdoor spaces are no longer just places for breaks and socializing, but also natural extensions of cafeterias, offering lounge areas for relaxed coffee breaks and informal meetings between colleagues. What’s more, they can become complementary workspaces, offering an inspiring setting for brainstorming or simply a quiet place to concentrate.

After meeting potential future partners and testing various equipment at the Salon del Mobile in Milan, we are convinced that outdoor furniture has a place in your business furnishings. Ergonomic, climate-resistant furniture, comfortable seating, modular tables and well thought-out planting are all elements that will contribute to create outdoor workspaces conducive to your teams’ well-being and productivity

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