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Imagining workspaces

Office design: productivity, creativity and well-being at work

Our designers understand how much a well-designed workspace influences the employee well-being and the your company’s success. That’s why we put our expertise in office design at your disposal, to create an environment that meets your unique needs.

A well-designed office is not only beautifull, it can also considerably improve the efficiency and comfort of your employees. Class Orga believe that every business deserves a workspace that fosters creativity, collaboration and concentration.


our approach

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Our office designers excel in creating workspaces that go beyond mere functionality.

We design creative and innovative environments that take into account
new ways of working
where design meets operational efficiency.

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Every company has its own unique identity. We take pride in designing workspaces that reflect your corporate culture. Whether you need open spaces for collaboration, concentration zones for individual work or innovative meeting rooms. We are experts in creating flexible and adaptable solutions .
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Technologies and


Our approach focus on your employees’ well-being. We integrate ergonomic design principles with intelligent and connected offices. That’s why we create workspaces that promote health and comfort, thus boosting productivity

From relaxation zones to break areas, every element is carefully thought out to encourage a balanced working environment.

Our approach to

office design

First of all, we make sure we understand your needs. Then we think carefully about how your workspaces design could reflect your identity. Each project is a combination of close collaboration and careful thought to ensure a working environment tailored to your aspirations and objectives.

During the creative phase of office design, we make it a point of honor to bring your vision to life. We start by taking into account your expectations regarding the desired ambience for your future offices. Then our team embarks on a meticulous selection of different materials, furnishings and fabrics. Our aim is to prepare a representative rendering of the finished work, allowing you to visualize the final result.

To give you a concrete idea of your future offices, we draw up 2D plans and 3D visuals to provide you with an overall architectural concept. We take into account all the constraints and specifics of your premises to provide you with a tailor-made solution. We integrate all the elements selected together on the plan to help you better project your future workspace.

With extensive experience in construction management in Geneva, the Class Orga team stands out for its dedicated site supervision right through to project handover. We are committed to supporting our customers every step of the way, ensuring flawless execution and total satisfaction throughout the office fit-out process.

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office design

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We offer a“turnkey” service for your office fit-out, including a complete range of complete range of services From feasibility assessment to design, selection of materials and furnishings, planning and management of all administrative formalities with the relevant authorities, we also provide complete site supervision, from A to Z, to ensure that the project meets your expectations and needs.

The Class Orga team includes a design department, with interior architects and draughtsmen working together to design unique interior spaces. To monitor each project, we have dedicated project managers, a furniture manager to select and monitor parts, and a construction manager to coordinate on-site execution.

Our construction team includes qualified carpenters and cabinetmakers, as well as experienced fitters, guaranteeing precise, meticulous installation of each element. What’s more, we work with a selection of service providers specializing in all aspects of finishing work to ensure turnkey solutions.

Finally, we work closely with external design offices and architects to offer our customers a complete range of services, guaranteeing an integrated, professional approach at every stage of their interior design project.

The duration of a project can vary according to its complexity and size. On average, a complete furnishing project can take from a few weeks to several months. We draw up a precise timetable from the outset of the project to ensure that it is completed on schedule.

We know how to adapt to different budgets. We work closely with you to define priorities and find creative solutions that maximize your investment without compromising the quality or efficiency of the finished space.

We focus on using environmentally-friendly materials, reducing carbon footprints and optimizing the energy efficiency of your spaces. Our design solutions are aimed at creating healthy and sustainable working environments in line with your corporate social responsibility objectives.

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