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Class Orga’s removable and modular partitions allow you to create functional and
and functional spaces
in no time at all. We offer a wide range of custom-made partitions to suit your needs, with a choice of colors, materials, sizes and costs to suit your budget.

An ideal choice for your professional office. Combining brightness, acoustic comfort and modularity, these partitions promote the well-being of your employees while encouraging collaboration.

With their elegant design and versatility, they easily adapt to the changing needs of your business, providing a modern and inspiring working environment.

A removable and modular partition is a aluminum or steel construction for floor/ceiling and wall mounting, with integrated glazing (transparent, smoked and with different thicknesses for acoustics, customizable with or without glazing) or panels (wood, melamine, imitation leather, imitation fabric, etc.).

Our partitions are
modular and removable
This means that the elements are interchangeable. You can therefore choose to replace your glass partitions with solid partitions at any time, while retaining the existing structure. It is also possible to dismantle a partition and reassemble it elsewhere, or to enlarge it.

Removable partition materials :

  • Glass (glazing)
  • Wood
  • Melamine
  • Imitation leather
  • Imitation fabric
  • Etc.
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Before installing movable partitions in your offices, we pay close attention to the current design of your workspace, so that we can propose an installation that blends harmoniously into your premises. The slenderness of the aluminum weights lends visual lightness to the partition, whatever the filling used. For frames, you can opt for a round or square design, to further personalize your partitions.

The materials used for the partitioning allow you to choose between a transparent, luminous ambience with glass, or a hushed, comfortable ambience with wood. We also take into account yourthermal and sound insulation needs.

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