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If you’d like to renovate your interior without getting your hands dirty, it’s possible with Class Orga. Let us help you transform your interior into a living space reinvented for style, comfort and modernity. Our team of interior renovation experts has been modernizing apartments for over 40 years. Our raison d’être is to bring your vision to life, refurbishing every detail from concept to completion. Whether you want to modernize a specific room or renovate your entire apartment, we’re up to the challenge. Treat yourself to more than just a renovation – treat yourself to a complete transformation that will redefine your lifestyle, all in an elegant, contemporary setting.


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Class Orga offers versatile expertise in apartment renovation, covering a full range of services from initial design to final completion. Our qualified team can handle every stage of the renovation, guaranteeing a complete and consistent approach to every project.

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Quality is a priority at every stage of the renovation. We select the materials, ensure meticulous workmanship and deliver spaces that meet your expectations. Our commitment to customer satisfaction translates into long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing renovations that exceed your expectations.

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What sets us apart is our ability to tailor every renovation to the needs and preferences of our customers. Our team of designers and partner craftsmen work closely with you to bring unique, functional designs to life.

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In the heart of Geneva, Class Orga redefines the art of apartment renovation, transforming every interior space into a warm and comfortable place to live. Our process begins by listening carefully to your needs, a fundamental step in ensuring that every aspect of your project reflects your aspirations. Our team, with its wealth of expertise, will guide you through innovative layout suggestions, while carrying out a feasibility study and precise cost estimate. This tailor-made approach ensures that every apartment renovation is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

The next phase of your Class Orga apartment renovation project is the realization of your vision. We draw up a detailed preliminary design, integrating your ideas into a coherent plan. The intervention schedule is carefully worked out to meet your deadlines, while the administrative procedures are handled by us. Our meticulously prepared execution plan serves as a roadmap, orchestrating the coordination of the various companies involved. Our role is not limited to design; we actively manage the work to ensure flawless execution.

The completion of an apartment renovation with Class Orga is a moment of celebration. We ensure that every detail matches your initial expectations, guaranteeing an impeccable finish. Acceptance not only marks the end of a project, but also the beginning of a new era in your living space. Trust Class Orga to transform your Geneva apartment into a space where functionality, aesthetics and comfort come together in perfect harmony.

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Kitchen fittings

Our interior designers transform kitchens into functional and aesthetic spaces, optimizing storage, lighting and choice of materials to create a kitchen that becomes the heart of your home.

Bathroom design

With meticulous attention to detail, our interior designers reinvent bathrooms as places of relaxation and comfort. We select materials and decorative elements to create modern, welcoming spaces.

Living room and dining room furnishings

We create inviting and elegant living and dining rooms, choosing furniture, textiles and colors that reflect your lifestyle and personality.

Bedroom furnishings

Our teams design comfortable, soothing bedrooms, optimizing the bed layout, selecting clever storage furniture and adding decorative elements to create a space conducive to relaxation and sleep.

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